A Wizbang poll: when did the war on terror start?

The other night, a commenter brought up again the fact that Saddam was not involved in the 9/11 attacks, and therefore Bush lied when he blamed Saddam for that. That rather conveniently omitted the fact that Bush actually said just the opposite — that Saddam quite likely was NOT involved in the attack.

But that got me started. Bush said that it could be years, perhaps decades, until this war ended. But just when did it begin? I’ve kicked this around for a while, both by myself and with others, and I’d like to ask the readers of Wizbang just when they consider the War On Terror started. Here are some possibilities:

1) 2001

2) 1993

3) 1979

4) 1972

5) 1968

6) 1947

Those are my suggestions. I lean towards 1979, as it was the first time militant Islamists openly confronted the United States, violating sovereign territory (our embassy) to do so. I also believe our utter lack of a decisive response set the stage for 22 years of the US being perceived as a “paper tiger” in the Middle East.

So, when do you think the War on Terror started? One of those above, or some other event?

This ain't good.
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