Two More Bombs?

ABC News is reporting that timing devices were found in the London wreckage, and that officials may have found two unexploded bombs.

Update: Fox has the same story.

U.S. authorities confirmed a report that British police found two unexploded bombs in London after the morning attacks. Authorities investigating the blasts also recovered parts of explosive timing devices from some of the wreckage sites, FOX News has confirmed. The evidence should help in the search for who was behind the bombings.

Earlier reports suggested a homicide bomber may have been involved in the bus attack, though authorities later indicated they believed all four explosions were detonated by timing devices. But police were still investigating the possible involvement of homicide bombers.

H/t Dagney.

Charmaine Yoest has flown from Edinburgh to London, and filed another report via her husband and PowerLine:

A young British black woman told me, "The bombings are Tony Blair’s fault – they killed a 100 thousand Iraqis – and it’s like a boomerang [coming back at the British]." Most everyone I talked to believed that the British caused the bombing or had it coming.

Of the dozen or so people I interviewed only white males in business attire expressed surprise that anyone would think the British were at fault in anyway. But these gentlemen were the minority. Most felt that the Brits were complicit. The people at London’s ground zero were sounding like the "wobbly" Spanish after their train bombings.

That doesn’t sound encouraging. Charmaine’s site is back up, so she may have updates up later.

Update 2: Indepundit has more developments. (permalink not working right now)

Update 3: Looks like Paul beat me on the unexploded bombs story by about 4 hours. Hee hee, sorry ’bout that everyone. Man, I’ll be on Kitchen Patrol in the Wizbang blogger dormitory for the rest of the week just to earn my spot back as a guest-blogger.

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