Sometimes breeding shows

I’ve often thought that, for the most part, the Bush family is kind of a mirror image of the Kennedys. I mentioned that when the current President Bush reacted to the tsunami by recruiting his father (a former president) and his brother (a governor of a state who withstood four hurricanes last year) to lead the first American delegation to the site of the disaster, and then getting his father and Bill Clinton (his two immediate predecessors in the Oval Office) to lead the fund-raising for the disaster.

Now, the Bush twins have been a great source of amusement for most people as they repeatedly get photographed partying and doing other sorts of things healthy people of their age are wont to do. In fact, a few liberal bloggers have demanded to know why they haven’t enlisted in the military and gone off to fight Daddy’s war. “I guess they have more important things to do,” is the sniffed followup.

Well, according to this story, in Barbara’s case it just might be true…

And in a true sign of classiness, one notes from the article that the family and the White House had absolutely no comment on the story.

43 Is 59
R.I.P. Vice Admiral Stockdale.


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