Trackback/Comment Issues

There’s an issue with hosting companies using cPanel and Movable Type that generates spurious page errors. I think that this issue is causing trackback errors here at Wizbang. I’m looking into it. as is Hosting Matters and Movable Type makers – SixApart (article).

The issue is not unique to Wizbang.

Update: The issue with trackbacks was unrelated to the cPanel/MT issue (which is Hosting Matters has implemented a workaround for), rather it was a case of a corrupt script. I’m back to vacationing, but do let me know if any comment or trackback issues arise…

Update 2: Movable Type Product Manager Jay Allen reports,

A new version of the DBD::MySQL driver has been released which the developer, Patrick Galbraith, assures us fixes the problem. He was able to reproduce it with the help of Six Apart/MT engineer Brad Choate. Thanks goes out to the both of them for their work.

For those of you using Cpanel with auto-updates, you should see the fix within the next 24 hours.Bloggers experiencing errors should get relief soon.

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