Letter to the RINOs

Dear RINOs,

Greetings and salutations from one who formerly called himself “conservative,” but took to liberalism’s greener shores when he found himself and the Republican Party drifting apart. Don’t worry about us; it was a divorce, but we’re both better off for it.

Still, I have to wonder about you guys. Michael Graham, a D.C. area conservative yakker, has made it his personal mission to take down local RINOs, particularly those Republicans who had the temerity to not to line up with the “tax cuts at all costs” agenda here in Virginia.

I gotta ask … when are you guys going to leave the GOP? Or, at least, what will it take for you to vote for a Democratic presidential candidate, Senate hopeful, or House candidate? I ask because, from my vantage point, the Republican Party is drifting away from you guys … and you all know it.

John Cole, for example, has been in a froth since the Schiavo affair. Consider his most reaction to news that GOP Congressman Tom Davis and other Republicans might create trouble if George Soros managed to purchase the Nationals:

After enough years of watching these so-called free-market, small government Republicans insert themselves into every issue imaginable, I apologize for not treating this story seriously. After observing them cheerleading Rove’s remarks, rushing to pass the Schiavo legislation, and passing the flag burning amendment as well as numerous other insults to the senses and common decency, nothing surprises me.

This is, unfortunately, the sort of small-minded nonsense and petty attempts at revenge I have grown accustomed to from the oafish loudmouths, holier-than-thou moralists, and national busybodies the Republican Congress has become. Sadly, this was just more of the same, and wholly unremarkable from the rest of the brutish behavior of late by the beltway bully boys. I am, at this point, in a state of numb disbelief.

Consider other issues that are near and dear to the horned RINO’s heart. Flag desecration. Creationism vs. evolution. The federal budget. Property rights. The free market. Abortion. Are these issues as important as certain figures in the Republican Party believe they are? Is this the same Republican Party that you originally joined? Are you comfortable with a party in which envangelical conservatives consider themselves kingmakers?

Answer these questions. Look to your party’s leaders, both official and unofficial. Ask yourself if they speak for you. Ask yourself if you can continue to support these people, even if you disagree with them vehemently. Ask yourself how they have repaid your support.

If you find these conservative leaders wanting, if you find you and your chosen political party drifting apart, then ponder, for a moment, the party that lies on the other side of the political divide.



When he’s not fomenting rebellion in the Republican rank and file, Pennywit writes scintillating commentary on Pennywit.com.

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