Left-Wing Death Cult

On today’s Carnival of Classiness, commenter Hoodlumman from File It Under blog asked how much flame mail I get at WILLisms.com.

Answer: I typically get one truly vile hate mail per week, with occasional hate fests following a particularly controversial or widely-read post.

Below are some examples of the gems I get from time to time. Typically I would include IP and email addresses for the comments, but since I am only a guest here at Wizbang, I won’t do that. If you want to read a sampling of the most recent flurry (WARNING: some excessive language), click on “There’s More! Read The Rest Of The Story” down at the bottom of the post.

In the meantime, behold, Denmark’s anti-Bush brain trust:


The caption for this next one was particularly interesting:

The demonstrators, some shouting ‘Death to Bush, death to imperialism” …


Death to Bush?

Outrageous, right?

But not all that shocking, given the intellectual poverty of the far-left around the world, including right here in the United States.

Then, of course, there were the protests in Scotland:


Is it just me, or does this guy look like a toddler throwing a tantrum? And, moreover, whom do these people think they are going to convince? These folks know they have lost the battle of ideas, so they resort to throwing trash cans, burning American flags, and sending anonymous hate messages to bloggers.

Will Franklin battles back the angry leftist hordes at WILLisms.com.

Left-wing frustration with their futility in the world is getting more angry, more violent, and more out-of-touch with reality.

Here are some hate messages I received recently:

06/29/05 02:59 PM

I can almost see you now. Bowtie, khaki pants, short, greasy hair and all the frustration in the world from never getting laid.

You’re a pussy.

06/29/05 03:54 PM

Cowardly, chickenhawk, pussy. The fact is, I’m a lawyer who makes more money than you’ll ever see, intellectually and academically I’ve gone further than you’ll ever go, and I have a life that extends beyond a pathetic blog. You’re a cowardly pussy whose trying to cover up for the FACT that you’re scared to meet me.

The truth is, you’d be lucky to meet me, or at least your wife would.

06/29/05 04:26 PM

You’re a scared little pussy who hides behind anything you can. I’m sure you’ve been doing it your whole life. Your only comfort is convincing yourself you’re better than everyone else.

The reality is, you’re a pussy ass nerd. I’ve seen it a million times. You find refuge in the caustic and bitter rhetoric of the right. The truth is, if you fell off the face of the earth tomorrow no one would know.

I’ve wasted enough time on you. You’re my bitch and the best part is, you know it.

06/29/05 04:40 PM

Pussy ass nerd

Go play some video games with your ugly wife.

06/29/05 05:46 PM

You’re so pathetic. Go play some video games, nerd. You bore me.

06/29/05 06:07 PM

Go back to your blog pussy ass loser.

Just pray that you never meet me, if so your wife won’t be able to recognize you.

These were just a few. There were several more in the same vein over a two day period. So, yeah, Hoodlumman, those are the kinds of hate comments I occasionally receive.

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