Through a mirror, darkly: a blogburst roundup

A while ago I got more and more tired of hearing the same old canard — “the war is wrong,” “we never should have invaded Iraq,” and so on. I decided to do something about it.

One of my favorite tactics when debating people is to, for a moment, presume that they are right, and then speculate on what would be the logical consequences of their position. In this case, I decided to play out the scenario that the US had not invaded Iraq after the defeat of the Taliban in Afghanistan. I had to figure out a rationale for a different course of action, and what might evolve from there.

But then I realized this was too good an idea to keep to myself. I thought I’d share it with some other bloggers, people I’ve come to respect as thinkers and writers, and see if they wanted to play along. I even included a couple of anti-war writers, because I was curious what they’d do with the notion.

I got back a few interested responses, and assembled a list and a plan. I chose the 4th of July as a deadline, because it seemed to me there’d be very little other original content on the holiday.

Then I fell flat on my face. As the deadline approached, I neglected to remind those interested of the event and keep their interest up. At least one of them thought I’d dropped the idea entirely, and I’m sure others came to that logical conclusion as well. For that, I apologize.

But a few did look past my screwup and kept up with that idea. As the day continues and their pieces publish, I’ll update this posting with links to their pieces. I’d like to thank them now for playing along with this idea of mine, and encourage all the readers to go give them a read.


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The Pink Flamingo Bar & Grill

My own two contributions: here and here

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