Oh, the humanity…

This morning I read the tragic tale of a woman in Canada, about to be tossed from the place she has called home for 12 years and forced to fend for herself. What’s worse, she’s going out to face numerous people who have threatened her life, and the government isn’t offering her any protection whatsoever.

And her only crime? 15 years ago, she helped her then-husband kidnap, rape, and murder two teenage girls. She also helped him kill her own 15-year-old sister after they raped her, too.

At the time, she claimed she only cooperated with her husband out of fear for her own life. She testified against him in return for a lesser sentence. Then, later, some videotapes surfaced where it became clear that she had been a quite-willing participant. Prosecutors tried to get her sentence set aside in light of this new evidence, but her lawyers said “a deal’s a deal,” and got a judge to agree.

So today Karla Homolka is being released from prison. Her lawyers don’t want journalists to discuss where she goes, what she does, or anything. To them, she’s served her debt to society, and she should be a free woman.

I’m absolutely no fan of vigilante justice, but sometimes I wonder if it’s better than no justice at all. And while I would prefer to see her punished by the government, I wouldn’t be terribly upset if something bad were to happen to her.

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