Lance Armstrong Owns France

The Tour de France is underway. Texan Lance Armstrong is going for his 7th consecutive Tour victory.


Lance is a freaking warrior, and an inspiration. If you need a refresher of just how much Lance Armstrong had to overcome just to live, let alone become the world’s premiere athlete, please read this:

While seemingly at the top of his game, he was literally forced off his bike in excruciating pain. In early October [1996], his doctor gave him the stunning news that he had cancer. And his life changed forever.

Tests revealed advanced testicular cancer that had spread to his lungs and his brain. Though his chances for his recovery were far less than 50-50, a frightened yet determined Lance began an aggressive form of chemotherapy….

Lance’s complete recovery from cancer seemed miraculous, but actually returning to racing felt unfathomable. Having departed from Cofidis, Lance found himself teamless until the United States Postal Service took a leap of faith and signed him. If he never turned another pedal, the story would be an inspirational one. But it wasn’t enough for Lance. He needed to prove himself in the ranks of the professional elite. His professional comeback, however, got off to a rocky start. Early season racing in 1998 nearly ended his career again when, in a cold and miserable Paris-Nice race, he pulled to the side of the road and quit. Many thought that was the last day on the bike for Lance Armstrong.The Tour de France blog has all your Lance Armstrong updates over the next couple of weeks, so you can be the coolest kid in school at work.

Also, for the love, don’t treat these things as merely some sort of trendy fashion statement:


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