Clinton’s Plan For Fixing Social Security

Bill Clinton has an interest plan for fixing the Social Security problem. It makes sense to an extent, but I see a few problems.

For one, we shouldn’t legalize the illegal immigrants who are already in this country. That would only legitimize their law-breaking and would add incentive for foreigners thinking about crossing into this country under the law’s radar.

For another, adding more workers to our economy to pay into the system would only solve part of the problem. One of the biggest reasons why we’re in crisis mode with the program now is because politicians keep taking money out of the system, money meant to pay benefits, and using it to fund other projects. So far, none of this money has ever been paid back. If we want Social Security to become and remain solvent the money paid in by citizens must be kept locked up and away from the politicians.

Which is where the private accounts come in.

But on the whole, I’m certainly not opposed to allow more legal immigrants to enter this country each year. I think its a healthy and positive thing for this country.

Rob Port is the owner and operator of Say Anything.

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