Jumping the … You Know What

Back when I worked at a small paper in a mountain town, July and August were particularly frustrating months. Literally, nothing happened. From what I could tell, the entire town packed up and left for some other clime, leaving reporters behind to marvel at, well, the emptiness.

But even if there’s nothing going on, you still have to bring readers to advertisers. Sometimes, that means running a front-page story about Mrs. Kravitz’s apple patch. The newsless doldrums have hit the national media, methinks. Aside from the Supreme Court fight, which is still in preseason exhibition games, there’s not much going on … so don’t go in the water, ‘cuz the sharks are coming to get you.

Don’t pay too much attention to the accounts of shark attacks; it’s just the summer doldrums. That said, I wouldn’t recommend watching Jaws just before your trip to the beach …

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