Kelo, Pelo, and the Court Fight

Lots of folks have been picking on Nancy Pelosi this morning for her bumbling thoughts on the Kelo v. New London decision of last week.

But aside from being suprising and silly, Pelosi’s ignorance on this issue could be dangerous for Dems. Here’s my thought.

In my (admittedly minimal) experience, Kelo seems to have made more of an impact on the average American than many Supreme Court decisions do. It was easy to understand, the consequences are easy to guess, and those consequences land right on the thresholds of regular Americans, who may not own those thresholds for much longer. As such, many more regular Americans are discussing, understanding, and working to combat Kelo than most other Supreme Court decisions. I heard from a staffer on the Judiciary Committee that the phones are ringing off the hooks on Kelo.

It’s sparked outrage on the left and right (see Conyers and Waters railing against it). The right is so fired up about it that there’s no way it won’t be a prominent framing issue for the upcoming Court fight. For conservatives, it’s the perfect example of why we need judges on the Court who are true to the Constitution.

It doesn’t bode well for Democrats/liberals in the judge fight that a member of their leadership does not understand that. It would seem to me Pelosi should be all over figuring out how to counter the base-igniting effects of Kelo on the right.

Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

Mary Katharine blogs at the C-Log and has been frantically looking for a picture of Pennywit since she read his last tagline.

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