Extreme Circumstances?

Not long ago, the Senate neared judicial showdown when Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Blockhead, nearly invoked the constitutional option to get Democrats to drop the ridiculous, unprecedented filibuster of President Bush’s judicial nominees.

And now the Democrats are at it again. President Bush has nominated a highly qualified jurist who will interpret the law as conservatives know it is written, rather than on some namby-pamby liberal theory that liberals put out daily.

And what have the obstructionist Democrats done? They’ve broken the word. Where they said they would filibuster a nominee only in “extreme circumstances,” they have chosen to obstruct President Bush’s reasonable nominee and deny that jurist an up-or-down vote.

Since the Democrats have broken their word, Senator Frist is now free to use the constitutional option to force an up-or-down vote. And if he’s not willing to use it, he should step aside and let somebody else be majority leader.

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