Equating Revolutionaries With Terrorists

NBC’s Brian Williams thinks a comparison between our founding fathers and the Islamic terrorists we’re fighting in Iraq is an issue worth debating.

Let’s highlight just a few of the major differences between the terrorists in Iraq and the revolutionaries who founded this country, shall we?.

  1. Our founding fathers organized an army of men and met the British army on the field of battle. The terrorists pose as citizens and hide behind their women and children.
  2. Our founding fathers never chopped the heads off captive British soldiers or civilians.
  3. Our founding fathers fought, in part, for the freedom to practice religion openly. The terrorists are fighting to force their brand of religious dogma down the throats of everybody else.
  4. Our founding fathers never targeted civilians with suicide attacks. Suicide attacks, especially those using brainwashed women and children, are the bread and butter of the terrorists.
  5. And, perhaps most importantly:

  6. The terrorists are fighting against the spread of freedom. Our founding fathers fought against an oppressive British regime to spread freedom.

Despite what Brian Williams thinks, I don’t believe this is an issue worth debating. The comparisons aren’t even remotely apt and even engaging in the discussion lends a semblance of legitimacy to the murderous, fascist tyrants we’re fighting in Iraq and around the world.

(via Ankle Biting Pundits)

Rob Port is the owner and operator of Say Anything.

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