The Shocking ‘Truth’

All right, I’m reading “The Truth About Hillary.” I’m reviewing it for Townhall.
Salacious? Yes.
Embarrassing to read on the Metro? Definitely.
Entertaining? Check (in that beach-trash novel kind of way, which would be fine if it were indeed a novel and I were on Myrtle Beach, but I’m not).

All you’ve heard about it here and elsewhere is true. In a word, it’s yucky. I’m about as far from a Clinton-lover as you can get, but this book has me thinking at every turn of the page, “Hey, he shouldn’t say that about her.”

And I haven’t even gotten to the much-talked-about conception of Chelsea chapter. But surely Klein went to such salacious lengths and used all these anonymous sources to make some cogent points about Hillary’s character that will have some impact on her political aspirations. Right? Nope. Here’s what I’ve learned about Hillary so far.

First, Hillary “embraced lesbian culture” while at Wellesley, wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Klein goes to great lengths to connect Hillary with lesbianism, but the whole of the evidence seems to be that she was friends with some lesbians (gasp!) and was a feminist (no!). But at the end of the chapter, he turns around and says that she was probably just interested in lesbianism as a political statement, and that most people thought she was “asexual.”

So, now I know that Hillary was a feminist college student who had some lesbian friends and didn’t sleep around a lot. Sounds like most of the girls I hung out with in college. Shocking!

Klein also touches on Hillary’s body image issues quite a bit. It turns out—get this—that Hillary was slimmer in her college years than she was after she had a baby, and that she’s not thrilled about that. So, the truth about Hillary is that she is like virtually every woman in America.

In the end, assuming the Chelsea story is what everyone says, this book will have succeeded in making Hillary into a sympathetic figure and an everywoman. There are plenty of things to write about Hillary that might put a hurt on her political aspirations, but Klein doesn’t write them. Instead, he gives cursory attention to the many Clinton scandals in favor of rumors about Hill’s booty and booty calls.

Well, I’m off to read more “truth” about Hillary before I go to bed. After that, I think I’ll read my Bible to cleanse myself.

Mary Katharine Ham blogs at the Townhall C-Log and doesn’t normally read such trashy books.

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