Lawmakers Looking For More Regulation Of Political Activity

Is more regulation of political campaigning and advocacy really what we want? If you ask me the politicians who want to “clean up the money” in politics are going about things the wrong way.

Instead of all these limitations on contributions and such why not simply make the system more transparent? Why not require that every politician put a full disclosure of who contributed to their various campaigns and political action groups (or whatever) and how much was contributed right on their website? Or make the list available from their office to constituents on demand?

I know these politicians are already required to make certain disclosures, but why not make those requirements more exacting? Then let the public follow the money and draw their own conclusions.

Because frankly, the way things are going now, the politicians are going to have made political campaigning advocacy so difficult with all the red tape that its going to severely limit the number of voices we hear from.

But then again, maybe that’s the point.

Rob Port owns and operates Say Anything.

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