Fun With Google Earth.

Hi. I am Will Franklin, of I will be guest blogging around here for the next couple of weeks, along side the illustrious Mary Katharine Ham, the absurdly prolific Rob Port, and the– for the lack of a better word– liberal Pennywit.

Fun times.

So let’s get right to the guest blogging, then, shall we?

You may have heard or read or seen the hype about Google Earth. So far, at least, I buy the hype. It’s amazing that so much technology could be available to so many people, for so free. The program has some gaps (more high resolution images of podunk– and foreign– places would be nice; some of the images are already outdated; some images have clouds or shadows that obfuscate the details, etc. etc.), but it’s only a matter of time before Google Earth lives up to its potential.

But make no mistake, in its current form, Google Earth is beyond the “it has potential” stage. It is already deliciously awesome.

So awesome, in fact, that it inspired me to create a fun little game for your enjoyment-

Fun with Google Earth: Newsworthy Homes.

1) A recent Supreme Court decision regarding the fate of this home caused much outrage and consternation:


2) The owner of this property, apparently not a child molester after all, is looking to downsize:


If you are actually stumped by these, I don’t know what to tell ya. Click on “There’s More! Read The Rest Of The Story »” below for the answers.

And, in the meantime, put your Fun With Google Earth skills to the test. Think of it as Google Earth, level two.


Will Franklin keeps it way classy at

1) Susette Kelo’s house, in New London, Connecticut.

2) Michael Jackson’s house, Neverland Ranch.

The Reign in Spain
As Orwell might say, "some aliens are more equal than others."


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