Chuck Hagel, Republican.

Back in February, I profiled Chuck Hagel’s presidential chances.

I’d like to think that I gave him a fair shake. I even urged conservatives not to knee-jerkedly rule Hagel out, given his consistently staunch conservative record over the years.

Well, after this week, you can pretty much rule Chuck Hagel out, because, whether he likes it or not, Hagel has become a Republican. Senator Hagel is damaged goods among GOP primary voters.

Front-and-center in its “let’s cut and run” attack ad against the Commander-in-Chief, proudly showcased the inflammatory comments of Hagel:

National Review‘s Eric Pfeiffer explains just how bad this is, politically, for Hagel:

As he ponders a 2008 presidential campaign, Hagel should be aware that ’08 watchers are paying attention. Hagel would better serve his own interests and those of his party by keeping his criticisms fair and reiterating the support he claims to have for U.S. forces and the push for democracy in Iraq.

As I noted back in February, Chuck Hagel’s “…2008 hopes rest on the failure of the mission in Iraq. Like so many Democrats over the past few years, for Hagel, bad news for the country is good news for his career.”


Stick a fork in Chuck Hagel’s 2008 chances, because he is done.

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