As Orwell might say, “some aliens are more equal than others.”

A group of “immigration advocates” (choke, spit) are having a meeting with New Hampshire’s Attorney General Kelly Ayotte (fresh from maternity leave — a New Hampshire first for an AG) to discuss the matter of two NH police chiefs using “criminal trespass” charges to arrest illegal aliens.

Using the incredibly disgusting tactic of lumping those who have obeyed the law and those who are violating it, they want to “express their concern” about this move, and state that being undocumented is not a criminal offense.

In general, they’re right. But in the particular cases involved so far, all the illegal aliens arrested weren’t merely “undocumented.” They were all pulled over for motor vehicle violations when their “undocumented” status was uncovered. And they were driving motor vehicles while “undocumented,” which IS illegal for citizens, legal aliens,and illegal aliens alike.

In their letter to AG Ayotte, they said that “Without a formal position from you, other law enforcement agencies may decide to use the criminal trespass law to target those they believe may be undocumented immigrants. We ask you to act without delay to issue a statement in opposition of this practice.”

That’s right. Because others MIGHT abuse this, we have to prevent EVERYONE from doing it. That’s the same logic (so to speak) that is behind gun-control laws. It’s behind one Massachusetts congressman’s efforts to make Oxycontin illegal. The idea of simply stopping those abuses AS they happen, IF they happen, seems a bit (if I dare say it) foreign to them.

But back to their basic tactic: combining legal visitors to our shores with those who violate the law. This is one of the things I find most contemptible and disgusting. I know that coming to the United States legally can be a truly difficult task, but every year millions DO obey the laws, show respect for our nation, and go through that process. They’ve put a lot of time and effort into doing things the right way, and it’s a grotesque insult to them and their labors to lump them together with those who lie and sneak their way across the border.

I’d call on the legal immigrant community to rise up and denounce the swine who lump them in with the criminals, but most of them are too busy working, studying, and in general being tremendous assets to us as a nation. So I’ll take it on myself to be outraged on their behalf.

There are rules, and those rules are there for a reason. As a society, we don’t like people who cut in line. People have been beaten up for such things. The idea that we should make no distinction between those who achieve things honestly and those who cheat to get to the same place is repugnant to us.

You know, I think there are a few things I’d like to discuss with AG Ayotte. For one, I’d like to get her opinion of the move to seize Supreme Court David Souter’s home by eminent domain and build a hotel. But getting an appointment to see her is pretty difficult. Maybe I’ll just show up when they have their appointment and cut ahead of them. After all, we’re both part of the “want to see the AG” community. They shouldn’t discriminate against me just because my appointment isn’t documented.

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