Vacation, All I Ever Wanted. Vacation, Have To Get Away…

Belinda Carlisle sums up my current attitude…

For over two years I’ve posted non-stop without a break (save for time-off for the birth of our third son), and over the last few days it finally caught up with me. I deserve, and am taking a vacation. I’ll be back in mid-July.

In the meantime Jay Tea will still be as active as always, and who knows Paul may re-emerge from his hiatus. I’ve also invited a handful of bloggers to fill-in as guest bloggers in my absence. I’m not announcing the list until I’ve heard back from everyone.

The guest blogger lineup is:

Rob from SayAnything
Will Franklin from WILLisms
Pennywit from Pennywit
Mary Katherine Ham from Townhall

Please make them all welcome and do check their excellent blogs regularly.

Britney Spears Let's It All Hang Out
"This is a nice school. You got insurance? It'd be a shame if anything bad was to happen to it..."


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