“This is a nice school. You got insurance? It’d be a shame if anything bad was to happen to it…”

In the case of the Our Lady Of Presentation School in Brighton, MA, there might be a happy ending after all. (Previous coverage here and here.)

To recap: the Boston Archdiocese announced the school would be closed and re-open as a home for the church’s tribunal, where matters of church law would be settled — such as marriage annulments and punishing pedophile priests. A group of parents and parishioners protested, and raised the money to buy the school and run it themselves. The church rejected their offer, then suddenly closed the school two days early, locking the doors in the middle of the night (supposedly to head off a rumored sit-in). After a huge PR stink, the archbishop met with the parents and parishioners to discuss the matter.

Well, the archbishop has finally seen the writing on the wall. He’s given them 60 days to come up with the money and a plan to run the school.

Which is exactly what the people asked for when he first announced the closing of the school.

So congratulations to Archbishop O’Malley for finally doing the right thing. If he’d only done that months ago, he might have avoided alienating a large number of his flock and giving the Boston church yet another black eye in the PR department.

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