Introducing Myself

Hello everybody.

My name is Rob and I run Say Anything. Please excuse the hideous template. I’m still recovering from a week-long feud with my former hosting company Powweb. The feud resulted in their deleting my blog. I was lucky to have been able to back up my posts before everything went down, but I lost my templates and everything else. So, basically, I’m rebuilding from scratch.

I’m very happy Kevin asked me to guest post for him. Wizbang has always been a favorite read of mine. Indeed, it was one of the first blogs I ever read. I’d tell you all that Kevin was my inspiration to start blogging, but that sounds a little cheesy. Suffice it to say that Kevin’s influence was what convinced me that there is nothing wrong with mixing serious political commentary with photos of red-hot babes.

So I’ll be posting here a few times a day (outside of tomorrow when I’ll be away on a day trip for business). Hopefully, if you like what you see, you’ll stop by and visit me at Say Anything.


Speaking of red-hot babes, have you guys checked out fellow guest blogger Mary Katherine Ham’s photo at Townhall?

All due respect to Mary, but yowza

Rob Port owns and operates Say Anything.

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