Let’s hoist Ted Kennedy on his own jumbo-sized petard

In politics, it’s traditional for every incumbent to say kind words about their challengers. They say the “welcome the opportunity” to put forth their positions and records, that they “look forward” to an exchange of ideas, and so on.

But I guess when you’re Teddy Kennedy, you’re above such behavior.

Recently, a Republican strategist commented that running against Ted Kennedy is a pretty good stepping-stone for ambitious politicians. Since Ted is so secure in his seat, the rival doesn’t run too hard. In return, Ted doesn’t maul them too badly. And in a couple of years, the defeated challenger can use that name-recognition to run for another office. That strategy worked for current governor Mitt Romney. Other would-be Senators went on to be state treasurer and GOP state chairman.

But no more. Kennedy stated yesterday that those days are past. He’s already raised a massive warchest to defend his seat, and plans to triple it by the end of this week.

And I think there may be a sign or two that Teddy’s babysitters — er, “staffers” — let him slip the leash and got into the liquor cabinet before 9 this time. Consider the following words straight from the Bloated Bloviator, the Drunken Skunk, he of the “blonde in the pond” fame:

“This is a difficult and challenging profession. No one should come to it lightly. As it should be. People have to be held accountable, professionally, and the public is looking at it in terms of private lives, as well. Everything is fair game.” (Emphasis added)

I will give a Wizbang Grand Prize ($50.00 to the cause of your choice OR a posting on the topic of your choosing) if ANYONE can cite a case where Ted Kennedy has been “held accountable” for ANYTHING in his life, public or private. And in the Senior Senator (D-Chivas)’s own words, “Everything is fair game.”

Now, fifty bucks might not sound like much, but that’s nearly a day’s take-home pay for me. I don’t care. I’m putting it out there in full confidence that it will go unclaimed, because I’ve studied Teddy’s sordid life.

And I hope someone planning to run against Kennedy takes that article and has it framed. Carries it with him (or her) and pulls it out at every opportunity. Uses that quote to collect every bit of dirt that’s ever been slung about Ted Kennedy (and there’s enough to fill a couple of landfills) and rams them right down his gaping throat.

It won’t work, of course, but if it makes that disgusting waste of skin squirm even a little as he has to face the consequences of his fifty years of getting away with murder (figuratively, but in one case, manslaughter). Especially since he didn’t just ask for it, he’s begging for it.

She's also facing charges of impersonating a Kennedy...
Oh, what lovely symbolism


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