A thought for my liberal friends II

A continuation of this post.

Well, the liberals are dancing in the street because they can use “The T Word.” America, it has been claimed, “Tortured” terrorists.

For the record, we still have no idea what constitutes “torture.” But here is what we do know. “America” did not torture these people…. Individuals did. NEWS FLASH: People break laws every day. The difference is that we in America bring these people to justice rather than making torture a state sponsored event.

AND here is where the liberals run off the road and into the ditch.

Rather than accept that America is inherently a good nation of good people who deplore this behavior — instead liberals show great joy in anything that brings America down. They see this as good news. Because to the average liberal, America is as bad as Nazi Germany.

So to my liberal friends, do your best to gloat and to smear all Americans… Let your hated show… And I’ll see you at the ballot box.

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