Who’s your daddy?

The legal complications of gay marriage are finally starting to be explored, and as predicted, it’s messy.

The other day, I heard on the radio the case of a lesbian couple who had a couple of children, then split up. The woman who kept the children (and who had bore them) sued her ex-partner for support. The county, who had been providing welfare for her and the twins (one with Downs syndrome), also thought she should kick in some money. Her response: I’m not the father. I have no biological connection to those kids. Leave me alone.

By her reasoning, then, man who provided the sperm should be on the hook for supporting the kids. Let that stand, and lesbians across the nation will suddenly find out their chances of becoming parents literally drying up as men start realizing that those couple of minutes of solitary entertainment (done in the spirit of generosity) could end up paying for it for the next 20 years or so — and that’s a mess no box of tissues could clean up.

I’ve said before I support gay marriage. To me, it’s a matter of fairness and equality. But this case isn’t about equality, it’s about privilege. In essence, the woman wants the benefits of marriage, but none of the obligations.

There’s a reason why the traditional marriage vows say “for better or for worse.” Marriage is intended to be PERMANENT. And undoing a bond of that level should never be easy.

Especially if there are children involved.

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