A thought for my liberal friends

(re: Dems reply to Rove)

You know guys, sometimes life really is simple.

When Dick Durbin called our soldiers Nazis, Harry Reid supported him. Reid only found his misplaced sense of outrage when Rove called Dems whims.

Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi says we should stop this whole fighting the terrorists thing and instead focus on how we bad americans might have hurt those terrorists’ feelings. [Panties on the head and a stuck air conditioner ain’t abuse, get over it)

Dozens of Dems who didn’t mind our soldiers being called Nazis a few days ago are now outraged at Rove.

So you can blather all you want about how we really are worse than the Nazis and how panties on the head really is the same as killing 12 million people… You can blather all day long about how evil Bush and Rummy are…

But when you wake up after losing the next election and you wonder why you lost…. Don’t worry about voter fraud… Don’t worry about suppressing the minority vote…. Don’t worry about exit polls.

When you guys lose the next election –and make no mistake at the rate you are going, you will lose the next election– when you wonder why you lost, remember this day.

This is why you will lose the next election. Until you guys figure out that protecting America is actually more important to the American people than protecting terrorists, we won’t trust you with the keys.

It really is that simple.

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