The curse of prophesy

Last year, after the Islamist terrorist slaughter of the school in Beslan, I speculated about what would be the next great atrocity that would be committed. After much careful thought, I concluded the most likely future target would be a hospital.

And now it very nearly came true.

Let’s look at this very carefully. A woman granted a “humanitarian” pass to seek medical treatment at an Israeli hospital was caught with 22 pounds of explosives under her clothes, and admitted she had intended to blow up the hospital — and all the people who had intended to help her.

After she was caught, a representative of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades claimed they had sent her, and would continue to try to get bombers into Israel.

Now, last November, after the death of Yassir Arafat (we will now pause for a brief moment of glee, and vicarious pissing on his grave), that group announced they were renaming themselves the Yassir Arafat Martyrs Brigades — a notion that was quickly abandoned in the rush to canonize that fetid, genocidal, kleptocratic swine.

The Brigades are a faction of the Fatah movement, formerly headed by Arafat and now answering to current Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas.

Abbas has repeatedly made public calls for an end to terrorist attacks, and been repeatedly rebuffed by the terrorists. And despite the requirement in the Oslo Accords and the Roadmap to Peace that he do so, he has not made a single effort towards ending it.

It’s time Israel actually started taking these threats, these ongoing attacks, seriously. Here they offered a compassionate hand to a severely burned woman, and nearly lost a good chunk of a hospital (along with its attendant staff and patients) as a result. I’d like to see Israel just up and seal their borders. Or, at least, announce that they can no longer afford the risks inherent in offering any sort of humane assistance to the Palestinians, after this latest in a long line of offering a hand and getting it shat in.

With this latest attempt at an amazingly grotesque atrocity (even by Palestinian standards), it’s time for Abbas to shit or get off the pot. He needs to show that he’s willing to openly confront and, if necessary, crush those who think nothing of strapping bombs to an injured woman and sending her off to blow up a hospital.

It’s a bit of a cliche’ to talk about “you’re either with us or you’re against us,” but that phrase means much more when you’re dealing with leaders. It’s sort of a mirror image to the Dick Durbin situation; those Democrats who do not denounce the words of their leader can be safely presumed to agree with them. Likewise, in Abbas’ case, he knows exactly what the Brigades intend to do, from areas nominally under his authority. If he doesn’t act to try to stop them, then it may safely be presumed that he isn’t interested in stopping them.

Abbas is already on record saying he won’t act to stop terrorists. He’ll try to “persuade” them to desist, but he refuses to back up his words with actions.

So, Israel, time to slam the doors. Finish the security fence. Let them fester in their own swill. Let them kill each other for a change. And after one terrorist group or another decides to blow up Abbas, maybe the next guy will be more reasonable.

I’m sick and tired Israel to be “patient” and “restrained,” when those terms are measured in the bodies of murdered innocents. Any group that cheerfully boasts of their attempt to blow up a hospital desperately needs to be wiped off the face of the planet. And any “leader” who refuses to do so has no business holding any sort of political office.

And I’d love to see Israel announce that it is modifying its way of dealing with intercepted suicide bombers. As before, the bomb will be moved to a safe area and detonated. But from now on, it will not be removed from the bomber. If they’re so goddamned eager to blow themselves up, go ahead and help them. A mop and a trash bag are a hell of a lot cheaper than a jail cell.

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