Palestinians Use Female Burn Victim As Suicide Bomber

Wafa al-Biss, the would-be suicide bomber asked reporters: “Do you think they’ll forgive me?”

SHIKMA PRISON, Israel — A badly burned Palestinian woman was alternately defiant and tearful Monday after Israeli soldiers caught her trying to enter Israel with 22 pounds of explosives hidden on her body.

The woman, who suffered serious burns on her hands, feet and neck in a kitchen explosion five months ago, had been granted permission to cross into Israel from the Gaza Strip for medical treatment when she raised the suspicion of soldiers at the Erez checkpoint.

Video released by the military showed 21-year-old Wafa al-Biss taking off articles of clothing on the orders of soldiers searching for explosives, and rubbing her disfigured neck with her burned hands and screaming.

The military said she tried to blow up the explosives Monday but failed and was not injured.In an unusual move, Israel’s security service allowed reporters to interview al-Biss just hours after her arrests. “My dream was to be a martyr,” she said. “I believe in death.”

She denied that her burns and disfigurement (which dampened her prospects for marriage) played a part in her decision to accept the suicide mission. “Don’t think that because of how I look I wanted to carry out an attack. … Since I was a little girl I wanted to carry out an attack.”

After an hour of interviews her story got more convoluted and confused. She changed her story often, and eventually declared that someone else had planted explosives in her underwear without her knowledge. “I did not intend to carry out an attack,” she said.

As the interviews wound down and the seriousness of her situation became clear, she is reported to have told reporters, “I didn’t kill anyone. Do you think they will forgive me? I hope they show me mercy. I didn’t kill anyone.”

Woman Caught With Explosives At Checkpoint – [AP Video]

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