“I shot an e-mail into the air…”

…it fell to earth I know not where.”

One the interesting things of finally having a published wizbangblog.com address is that people send me all sorts of interesting things. After I wade through the (literal) dozens of viruses and spams, there’s usually a few good things in there.

(Note: this is NOT a request to sign me up for any sort of lists. I’ve already gotten one guy canned from two ISPs for refusing to take me off his mailing list, and reported another guy for sending me daily updates on his blog. It was actually a pretty good site, but sending me a daily synopsis and telling me that if I don’t like it, feel free to unsubscribe is a really, REALLY bad way to get my attention.)

Recently, some whacko from the South (which is relevant — my apologies to non-whacko Southerners) decided I really, REALLY needed to hear about his push to get a “Real Conservative” elected and to “take back the GOP from the Neocons.” I’m including his entire original e-mail in the extended section, along with my response.

GOP Revolt on the Right Begins Against the Neocon Takeover

The Draft Donnie Kennedy Campaign For President in 2008 Is Gearing Up – http://www.libertybasedsociety.org

Read more about Ronald Kennedy’s new book “Reclaiming Liberty” and their brilliant plan to run a Southern conservative candidate in the 2008 GOP Presidential Primaries. This is the best last chance for Dixie and the United States to turn from an aggressive, perpetual war empire abroad and centralized federal state at home back to the Republic of Republics and a liberty-based society as established by our patriot founding fathers. Help promote a Liberty Based Society and the Kennedy Brothers plan for liberty by linking to & forwarding this URL http://www.libertybasedsociety.org to all of your friends.

Please sign up for the Draft Kennedy Campaign Newsletter on the website and you can contact us at [email protected]

I sent back the following:

Thank you very much for sending me this information. As a proudly self-proclaimed Neocon, for the most part, I welcome the opportunity to find out exactly what the far right Know-Nothing wing of the Right is planning. A peek into what the other side is thinking and doing is always valuable.

Also, on your web site you mention that there is a Neocon conspiracy, a cabal, that is plotting all sorts of things. I’m currently a free-lance Neocon, and I would very much like to get in on this — for one, it looks like it pays well, and I could use the money. Could you please give me some contact information?


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