Take Back The Memorial


Following up on Debra Burlingame’s Wall Street Journal story “Stealing Ground Zero,” several groups of 9/11 families and friends have decided to take their message straight to the people. Here’s the very simple message of the groups holding a press conference and rally today at noon at Ground Zero (at the Corner of Church & Liberty).

For three long years we have played by the rules as set forth by Governor Pataki, Mayor Bloomberg and the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation.

It got us nowhere.

We want a proper, fitting and respectful September 11th Memorial for the 3,000 innocent souls who perished that day. Not “a history lesson about tolerance.”

The planners of the World Trade Center Memorial have been put on notice that we are going over their heads to make our case to the American people.

Please join us for a press conference and rally to kick off our national campaign to enlist the American people in a Fight for Ground Zero.

Our loved ones deserve no less.No politics at Ground Zero. Period.

For more information on the press conference see “TAKE BACK THE MEMORIAL” RALLY

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