HuffPost Of The Day – Useful Fools Edition

Proving that the chance to do more public Bush-hating is stronger than the possibility of damaging whatever shred of professional reputation on has left after one month of HuffPo blogging, HBO boxing announcer (cum moonbat extrordinaire) Jim Lampley links approvingly to some whack job website and is subsequently smacked down by HuffPo’s liberal commenter’s. Of all things they use a DailyKos posts (here and here) to prove what an dumbass Lampley is.

Lampley is reduced to publically begging the HuffPo editors to remove his lame post, which they’ve wisely refrained from doing***. Rule #1 of the Blogosphere Jimbo is that if you make an ass out of yourself trying to hide the evidence only makes it worse. Markos “Screw ‘Em” Zuniga (Kos) can explain that to you, from first hand knowledge, as well…

*** Knowing full well that Lampley’s original, further descent into the fever swamp of moonbattery is safely archived in several different locations…

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