Your daily illegal alien update

Hudson, NH’s police chief Richard Gendron is continuing his policy of arresting illegal aliens on trespass charges.

Recently, one of his officers pulled over a car around midnight for a burned-out headlight. When the driver didn’t have a license, they asked him for any sort of ID whatsoever. He admitted he was in the country illegally, so he was arrested for that, too. And another officer pulled over an SUV that didn’t have an inspection sticker. This, driver, too, lacked a driver’s license and also admitted he was here illegally. He went to the pokey, too.

Note to the ACLU and other defenders of criminal behavior: there was no profiling going on here. These were routine traffic stops for legitimate violations. It was only after the officer determined that the vehicle had no business being on the road (safety violations) AND the driver had no business being behind the wheel (no license) did the “immigration status” question come up.

Or do you have problems with states requiring annual safety inspections, working headlights, and drivers’ licenses?

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