Reforming illegal immigration

Earlier today, I wrote about the New Hampshire police chiefs who have been arresting illegal aliens for violating the state’s criminal trespass statute. In there, I quoted the chair of the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union, who expressed her concerns about possible racist motives behind the chiefs’ actions. I’ll quote Ms. Ebel again:

“It is of extreme concern that there is at least one police chief in the state of New Hampshire that seems to be on a crusade to sweep in every person of color that his department can stop,” Claire Ebel, executive director of the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union, said yesterday.

“I don’t know if they are using racial profiling, but it is a question that needs to be asked and answered. It strains credibility that this is coincidence,” she said yesterday, noting all of those charged are from Mexico and Brazil.

I think that Ms. Ebel might be on to something. It does seem that, indeed, Latin Americans are vastly overrepresented in the pool of illegal aliens. And to take a notion from another aspect of liberalism, I think I have a solution:

It’s time to start an affirmative-action program for illegal aliens. We need to start encouraging other groups to seek the same opportunities that the Latinos have found, and encourage diversity in our illegal-alien population. We should start actively recruiting potential illegal aliens from Asia, Africa, and Europe to bring a fairer balance to the current situation.

Now, I’m not saying we should penalize Latinos for being Latino, but I think we need to give benefits to non-Latinos to bring the illegal alien community to be more in line with the racial makeup of the country as a whole.

Bill Clinton once spoke of having a cabinet that “looks more like America.” I’d like to see that same principle applied to illegal aliens.

And if some Latinos feel they are being discriminated against, I’m sorry. For generations, they have had the benefit of being the majority of illegal aliens, and it’s long past time we spread those blessings among a more diverse populace.

As of now, I’m not calling for quotas on illegal aliens — not yet. Let’s see what these “affirmative actions” achieve first. If, in the future, we find that other minorities are still underrepresented in the illegal-immigration populace, then we might need to look into sterner measures.

After all, it’s only FAIR.

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