The 10 Spot – Headline Edition

Ten headlines that you can’t help but click though to read more.

  1. Porn star Mary Carey’s dinner with President Bush – [The Jawa Report]

  2. Guantanamo Shut Down. Prisoners Moved to Neverland – [American Digest]

  3. SMASH vs. The Downing Street Memo – [The Indepundit]

  4. By the dawn’s early light – [sisu]

  5. Terrorist Heart the French – [Michelle Malkin]

  6. Diet Sodas Linked to Obesity – [Outside The Beltway]

  7. The Gotcha Politics of Symbolism – [Balloon Juice]

  8. Ted Kennedy Fights Removal of Feeding Tube – [Texas Native]

  9. Phil Jackson Returns to Coach Lakers – [BoiFromTroy]

  10. NASA: $20K for a performance artist. [RedState]

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