"Jesus loves the little children," but we think they're whiny pains in the…

It looks like the sorry saga of the Boston Archdiocese of the Catholic Church’s closing of the Our Lady of the Presentation School in Brighton, Massachusetts (previously covered here). Here’s a quick recap of what’s happened since then:

* The students, accompanied by police escort, were given their graduation ceremony in Boston’s Faneuil Hall (giving Boston’s twit of a mayor a chance to ask them if this was better than one at the school), with numerous Massachusetts notable being sure to get their faces shown.

* According to at least one report, the principal of the school (a nun) was forbidden to attend the ceremony.

* Yesterday, under guards’ watchful eyes, students and selected teachers (and no others) were allowed to retreive personal items from the now-closed school.

* And yesterday, Boston’s archbishop, Sean P. O’Malley, met with concerned parents of (now former) students and other community leaders to revisit their plan to buy the school and keep it running.

One would think that a church in such dire straits as the Boston archdiocese, suffering under the burdens of declining rolls, dwindling offerings, enormous liabilities from past, present, and future litigation, and a humongous black eye for the decades of child-abuse scandal would at least stop offering the back of their hand to the Faithful, and instead offer an open hand. That might be what’s behind the tentative agreement to let the parents buy the school.

It’s just a damned shame it took putting those kids through a wringer and several days of horrendous publicity to get them to do what should have been a no-brainer.

I know I’m no Biblical scholar, especially compared to Archbishop O’Malley, but I don’t think this is quite what Jesus meant when he said “suffer the little children.”

I see Democrats and Republicans don't hold a monopoly on idiots...
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