I see Democrats and Republicans don't hold a monopoly on idiots…

I’ve often described my political leanings as moderate, with libertarian and contrarian leanings. But if this is an example of Libertarian thinking, I might have to reconsider.

I’ve been through Manchester Airport’s security screenings several times, and while it’s mildly annoying, it’s really not too bad. (Except for the danged “take off your shoes” thingy — Richar Reid, if I ever get the chance, I’m gonna tie you down and place one of my best friend’s shoes over YOUR face. You’ll be begging for the death penalty in minutes.) It’s never taken me more than five minutes to get through the screening process, and usually a lot less.

But this particular dumbass decides to make his “point” by showing up for his flight with just a Bible and a copy of the Declaration of Independence, refusing to present any form of ID to authorities. And when he refused to leave the screening area, blocking the other passengers who were waiting to catch their flights.

His wife was interviewed on the radio yesterday morning, and it turns out they’re both Free Staters who met online and got married when they came here to New Hampshire. (Ironically, the first time they met face-to-face was at Manchester’s airport.) It seems that Mr. and Mrs. Kanning think that airport security ought to be left solely up to the individual airlines, and that consumers should be able to factor in the security level of each airline when choosing how to fly. It’s simply a matter of freedom of choice; you can choose to fly Air Full Body Cavity Search, where you can be absolutely certain that no contraband is on with you, or you can fly Packed And Packing Airlines, where each passenger is issued their own gun.

I guess it’s never occurred to the Kannings that, unlike Las Vegas, what happens at 30,000 feet doesn’t stay at 30,000 feet. What goes up, must come down.

And occasionally, comes down into buildings.

I wish the Kannings all the luck with their other ideas — starting up a private postal service and liquor trade to compete with government monopolies in those areas. But don’t — DON’T — screw with my safety, or the safety of others. Had I been at that screening station (and I will be at one in a few weeks), I’d have been tempted to mouth off to him at the least, and gotten myself into trouble right alongside him.

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