Identity crisis

Lately, I’ve been questioning some fundamental things, both about myself and my car.

I’ve always been comfortable with my ethnic background — I’m primarily of Scandanavian and English descent, with a smattering of (ugh) French. (Closed circuit to a certain now-banned idiot: yes, I was born in Lebanon. That’s Lebanon, New Hampshire — a small city on the Vermont border, just south of Hanover, home of the famous Dartmouth College.)It frankly means very little to me, but there it is.

Likewise, my car. It’s a Chevrolet. Most likely made in the USA, with a slight chance of Canadian or Mexican origin, but again I don’t really care.

But today I came across some telling evidence that both of us just might be Pollenesian

Rape And Lesbian Allegation In Forthcoming Hillary Clinton Book
Jury Reaches Verdict In Michael Jackson Case


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