He was the best of boys, he was the worst of boys…

Here’s a description of a teenager from Atkinson, NH: 18, Eagle Scout, distinguished high school student, honored by town selectmen with a day named for him.

Here’s another description of a teenager from Atkinson, NH: 18, vandal, exile from attending his high school graduation ceremony, defendant facing felony and misdemeanor charges.

The traditional irony would be if these two kids were buddies, or best friends, or brothers. But in this case, they’re the same kid.

Timothy Ryan Murphy, 18, is a decorated Eagle Scout. His project, which won him Scouting’s highest honor, was designing and building a reflection area at Atkinson Cemetery, and the town’s selectmen chose to honor his achievement with a Timothy Ryan Murphy day last week.

Unfortunately, between finishing the project and his day of honor, Murphy allegedly went out cruising with some buddies and a BB gun. They “spirited youths” shot two pedestrians, numerous business windows, car windows, and buildings. The three teens are facing felony charges of reckless conduct and misdemeanor charges of criminal mischief. They have also been suspended from school, and Murphy’s diploma is in doubt.

Murphy, his father, and the selectmen had no comments.

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