Dean's Dog Days Of Summer

This time last year the Detroit Tigers were 25-32 (they finished 72-90). As of this evening the Tigers record is 27-30. While they’ve shown a ever so slight improvement over last year, with less than 60 games played they’re already 13 games behind the division leading Chicago White Sox.

If you believe things are looking up for the Tigers you’ll probably buy into spin job Media Matters is trying to put on Howard Dean’s DNC fundraising record. You’ve got to admire the partisan rose-colored glasses which they use to claim Boston Globe reporters are reporting a “canard” (their squishy word) when they say DNC fund-raising is “lagging” or “falling behind” under new chairman Howard Dean. Notice that even MMFA isn’t stupid enough to call the reporting a “lie,” it’s just a truth they don’t like.

The Globe reports that in the first quarter of this year, the DNC raised $14.1 million, compared with $32.3 million by the Republican National Committee, yet according to MMFA thing are peachy for Dean because in 2003 DNC fundraising sucked even worse, so their 2005 looks good in comparison.

Using MMFA’s numbers it wasn’t too hard to find a statistic they missed.

RNC (2005) $32.4 million
DNC (2005) $14.8 million
Difference $17.6 million

RNC (2003) $25.7 million
DNC (2003) $8.5 million
Difference $17.2 million

Hey look at that! Even when they’re doing better their doing worse. Funny how that got left out of the report…

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