All the deferens in the world

I recently was contacted by an ex-girlfriend. After exchanging niceties, she got to the point: she wanted the name of the doctor who had performed a certain procedure on me for her new beau. I told her the doctor had moved out of New England, but gave her the name of said doctor’s former practice.

Afterward, I started thinking. This woman had helped me to decide to have that procedure after describing her ex-husband’s experience with it. She had held my hand (literally) through my own experience. And now she was gathering information for the new guy.

A dreadful thought occurred to me. Could this woman be on a mission to have that done to every man in the world, and she’s working her way through us one at a time? Could she be capable of such an act?

I remembered her attempts to convert me to Judaism. One of the things holding me back was this ritual. I was not eager to allow even the “ritual shedding of a single drop of blood,” despite her best attempts to persuade me.

Even then, it was clear: she was eminently capable of carrying out that plan. And I very well could have been a victim of it.

I wonder if I should warn Mr. Three-To-Be?

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