Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

The announcement of winners for this weeks Weekend Caption Contest™ is much delayed, much as the vision of a strong central European government in Brussels now is. Surely you did not think I had forgotten you all did you? Anyway, here are the winning entries for this picture:

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso gestures during a news conference in Brussels June 1, 2005, after the 'No' in the referendum in The Netherlands on the European Union's first constitution. Dutch voters soundly rejected the European Union constitution in a referendum on June 1, early results showed, deepening a crisis in the 25-nation bloc and possibly dooming the treaty after France rejected it too. (Thierry Roge/Reuters)

1) (Rodney Dill) – “I am saddened to announce that the plans for a unified Europe are now officially FEUBAR.

2) (KobeClan) – “ET TU? EU?

3) (TerryW) – “Senator Voinovich, please hold me.

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Honorable Mention

4) (BlogDog) – “Don’t cry for me argent weiner.

5) (capitano) – “Desastre! Catastrofico! Baldwin, Streisand, Sarandon, Maher — escrows canceled, half-built villas abandoned… we are lost.

6) (-S-) – “*Sniff* *Sniff*


Enough! Now is the time where we DANCE!”

Until later today…

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