Weblogs Are Telling The Natalee Holloway Story

Over at Scared Monkey’s, where they’ve been on the Natalee Holloway story since the beginning, they’ve noted an interesting dynamic.

In Aruba today, we are seeing a very interesting dynamic. The country is terrified over the damage that to their country that the whole Natalee disappearance is causing. This is not to discount the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, the people are genuinely caring and loving and searching and worried for her, it is part of their make up. However, when the islands economy is hanging in the balance, the people of Aruba are scared and near panic. They know that if the story goes wrong, many bad things will happen to them

The Aruban people are especially frustrated by the American media. Bill O’Reilly is being vilified after his show last night insinuating that the drug lords are so influential in Aruba that they are trying to make the story to go away so the US government will not look closely at them. So FOX is persona non grata.

Rumors are abound that the CNN reporters have been abrupt with the people they have been in contact with and are writing stories that are not true. So CNN is not as disliked as Fox but still not very well liked.

So today, we were amazed that on ARUBADAG.COM, the national television and radio chain, had a large graphic pointing there American readers to Scared Monkeys as the authoritative news source for the Natalee Holloway story. Both Red and I said a big WOWEven though they’re far removed from the tiny island nation, the Scared Monkeys guys and their readers are providing a lot of under reported details on the story.

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