Los Alamos Whistleblower Beating Story Debunked

There was a great outpouring of public sympathy and concern last week when it was reported that a whistleblower at Los Alamos nuclear labs was severely beaten outside a bar he had supposedly been lured to under false pretenses. It turns out the only falsehoods in the story are coming from the whistleblower himself.

(CBS/AP) – An attack on a Los Alamos nuclear lab auditor outside a bar was unrelated to his status as a whistleblower, authorities said Thursday, calling into question the man’s allegation that he was beaten to ensure his silence.

Tommy Hook, 52, suffered a broken jaw, a herniated disc and missing teeth in the attack outside the Cheeks nightclub in Santa Fe early Sunday. He has said the beating was carried out by thugs intent on keeping him from talking about alleged financial irregularities at the nuclear lab.

But investigators disputed that account Thursday, saying the attack occurred after Hook’s car struck a pedestrian while leaving the club.

“Facts, evidence and information obtained during the course of this investigation has led investigators to believe that the altercation involving Mr. Hook is an isolated incident and is in no way related to Mr. Hook’s whistleblower status at the Los Alamos National Laboratories,” Santa Fe Deputy Police Chief Eric Johnson said in a statement.

The investigation is “leaning toward a fight in the parking lot as a result of Mr. Hook backing into a pedestrian,” Johnson said. He said after Hook hit the pedestrian, he exited his vehicle, “at which time the confrontation escalated into a physical attack.”Looks like he’s ensuring his own silence. Who would believe anything this guy has to say at this point?

Reading the tea leaves
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