More proof our border enforcement is a joke — and it's on us

Two stories leaped out at me showing just how, in the wake of 9/11, we have really cracked down on our border security.

In the first story, an illegal alien from Guatemala paid a smuggler $5,000 to sneak him across the border near Tijuana. While crossing, he was shot in the foot. Naturally, he sought treatment at an emergency room.

In Framingham, Massachusetts, 3,000 miles away.

In the second story, we see yet again how alert and cautious our border patrol is. A man, Gregory Despres, tried to cross into the United States at Calais, Maine from Canada last April 25. One minor hitch: he had with him a homemade sword, a knife, a hatchet, brass knuckles, and a chainsaw. And the chainsaw had what appeared to be bloodstains on it. Naturally, our fine, outstanding officers arrested this Leatherface wannabe on the spot.

Whoops, no they didn’t. They turned him back and notified Canadian authorities.

Rats, got it wrong again.

So what, did they do? They confiscated his weapons, took his fingerprints, and then waved him through.

And then in a twist that nobody could have foreseen, the next day (April 26) a gruesome double murder was discovered in Despres’ home town. And by an astonishing coincidence, one was stabbed to death and one was beheaded.

Luckily, on April 27, police in Mattapoisett, MA found him wandering down the highway in a sweatshirt with red and brown stains (suspiciously blood-like). He’s now awaiting deportation back to Canada to face murder charges.

Yup, I feel SO much safer in the increased security since 9/11.

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