If it wasn't for double standards, they'd have no standards at all…

It seems that every day I hear more news about Israel “threatening the fragile cease-fire” with the Palestinians. And every time, it seems it’s the same story: the cease fire wasn’t threatened by any action of the Palestinians, but by the Israelis reacting. Like I said before, it’s a case of “it all started when he hit me back.”

Here’s a perfect example: a group of Jews approach the Western Wall in Jerusalem. A group of Muslims come out of the mosque above and started bombarding them with rocks. And when Israeli police entered the mosque to break up the rock-throwing mob, THAT was what is being called the “provocation.”

Dennis Prager has assembled a statistical breakdown of just why he supports Israel over the Palestinians, and I agree with most of his points. I do have a few additions, and one disagreement, however:

  1. Prager cites 600,000 as the number of refugees that traveled in both directions after the founding of Israel. I’ve seen other sources that put the figure at 850,000.

  • Ranking of the Temple Mount as among the holiest sites of Islam: 3
    Ranking of the Temple Mount as among the holiest sites of Judaism: 1

  • To those who cite the Palestinian “historical” ties to the land, please answer a few questions for me:

    a) Who were some of ancient Palestine’s rulers?
    b) What were some of the notable events in Palestinian history?
    c) What are the great works of Palestinian history?
    d) What was their currency?
    e) What person or group is hailed as the “founder” of Palestine?
    f) What was their political system of government?
    g) What was their economic system based on?
    h) What other nations did they have contact with?

    The Israelis have answers for all those questions. That’s despite the Muslims doing everything they can to eradicate any evidence of the Jewish history.

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