And just what is the Boston Globe not telling us?

John Kerry vowed a long time ago to release his full service record, but has yet to do so publicly. However, he apparently did release them to the Boston Glob. And with his full records available to them, not even the Glob could save him from embarassment.

In what comes across to me as an attempt to hide even more humiliating details, the Glob focuses on Kerry’s college transcript — which was part of his Navy record, and he had previously refused to release — and compares it with George W. Bush’s records (long ago released).

It turns out that both men had difficult first years, but pulled themselves together in later years. But here’s the real bombshell: Bush was a better student overall.

In his freshman year, Kerry had a 71 average (a C-). He raised that to a 76 by the time he graduated. Bush’s average for the four years was a 77.

It’s even more telling that in Kerry’s freshman year, his two highest grades were in a political science course (79) and a French course (77). His highest grade over four years was an 89 in another political science class.

Now, if the Glob, who has always been friendly to Kerry has access to Kerry’s full Naval record, and they choose to focus on his college grades, what else could be in there?

I’ve heard some speculation that Kerry held this back because one of his biggest strengths in the campaign was his perceived intellectual superiority to Bush, and this would put a big dent in that image. But I’m wondering if this is just some “red meat” to keep attention away from a REAL smoking gun…

(Update: Doh! I missed the best part of the piece. As Jon Henke points out, go and look at the college-age photos of the two men who sought the presidency back in November — especially if you need some giggles.)

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