Sometimes things aren't black and white…

A while ago, I wrote about a brawl between five or more teenagers and three police officers in Medford, Massachusetts that sent the officers to the hospital and the teens to jail. At the time, I loudly denounced the supporters of the teens, and praised the officers for their restraint in not shooting the punks.

One fact that wasn’t played up too much was that all the teens were apparently black. I didn’t know that at the time, but that doesn’t matter to me. Thuggishness knows no racial boundaries; people of every race have an equal opportunity to be scum. I thought that one of the boy’s father being a Boston police officer was far more relevant.

However, that view isn’t shared by everyone.

Here’s a little hint to the groups, as repeated by Lieutenant Paul F. Covino of the Medford police: four police officers were injured in the fight, with three of them being sent to the hospital. None of the teens were injured even remotely as severely. If this was indeed a racially-motivated incident of police brutality, at least one of those punks would have been hurt at least as bad as the police officers.

Pissing In The Wind...
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