In Cyberspace You Are Who Google Says You Are

New York Times writer Stephanie Rosenbloom laments a 1996 college picture that Google Image Search returns as the top choice every time someone looks her up. She uses that as the hook in an article in the Times today, Loosing Google’s Lock on the Past.

Blogger Anil Dash is interviewed for the article and manages to pull a fast one on Rosenbloom and the Times. Can you spot the inside joke?

Anil Dash in a Goatse t-shirtStephanie Rosenbloom '97, well-known to Colgate audiences for her work on the Brehmer Theatre stage, stayed behind the scenes to direct 'City of Angels.'

(Hint: Rosenbloom’s pointing at it…)

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Yes that’s really a Goatse t-shirt Dash is wearing on the printed pages of The New York Times. If you don’t know what Goatse is (Wikipedia) you probably are better off not learning about it now, but if you must know this Goatse tribute site (NSFW) is a good place to start…

Props to Anil for one one funny Google Times bomb…

A couple questions about the Geneva Conventions
Thanks for the warning, pal...


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