Driving me crazy

I’m a bit late on discovering this story, but I have to agree with Bruce: I, too, demand a recount.

I’ve spent more than enough time discussing the idiocies that seem inherent to Cow Hampshire’s neighbors to the south, but that really shines through on the road. And I think I’ve discovered a trick that, so far, seems purely the hallmark of the Masshole.

Suppose you’re looking to turn left on to a busy road. The lane you wish to enter is full, but the oncoming traffic (on your side of the road) is light. Now, the way I would treat the situation would be to wait until the way was clear from both directions, then take my left.

But not according to the Super-Secret Massachusetts Driving Manual, it seems. The theory there is “get while the getting’s good.” According to this book (whose existence I can’t seem to verify), one should pull out across the oncoming lanes, blocking oncoming traffic, and sit there and glare at people on the opposite side of the road until they let you cut in front of them. (Bonus points are awarded for ignoring and/or flipping off people who you are blocking.)

To my way of thinking, I’d just take a right, then find a thin spot of traffic or traffic light to cross the oncoming traffic and turn around. Unregulated left turns can be a major pain in traffic, so I avoid them when I can.

Just another reason why I think I’d never make it as a subject (er, resident) of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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