Clan on the run

This morning’s Boston Herald has a story about an interesting take on one family’s values.

Last April, a woman serving a sentence for drug and alcohol offenses skipped out on her work-release program. To celebrate her freedom, she decided to get together with her boyfriend and their daughter. There were just a few obstacles she had to overcome first, though.

The boyfriend was under house arrest for a check larceny charge, and wearing an electronic ankle bracelet. She helped him get out of that, and the two headed for the hills.

Whoops — almost forgot about the kid! The 14-year-old was also a guest of the state, in the hands of DSS (Department of Social Services) in Lynn, Massachusetts. They sprung her, too, and THEN they headed for the hills.

Well, maybe not the hills, but the quiet town of Grafton, NH, where the police eventually caught up with them in a trailer. They were taken back into custody without incident.

The most amazing thing is that all three were on the verge of freedom when they pulled this off. The woman was on work-release, the man was within a month of turning in his bracelet, and the girl would most likely have been released to them upon their own freedom.

There’s an old piece of wisdom that says “the hurrieder I go, the behinder I get.” If they’d just hung on a smidgen longer, they’d have been just fine. Now they’re all looking at even more trouble for an even longer time.

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